Saving Guarantee

Kiwi Escapes Savings Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any competitor self-guided tour package price or value by a minimum of 15% ("price-beat") as follows:

Note: By requesting the price-beat you are under no obligation to place a booking with us or proceed with the final tour package as the case may be.


Inclusions in travel and tour packages assembled by travel agents, tour companies, wholesalers, online travel promoters and others will all be different in some way. Packages will vary by inclusions, validity, suppliers, component type, standard, terms and conditions etc ("package components"). We will have access to most suppliers and types of inclusions as well as alternatives.

Our objective in a price-beat situation is to assemble a package containing similar and/or higher standard package components to that which you present to us. We guarantee to offer at least 15% more total value or a price that is 15% lower than the competitor quote. Any package components that are exclusive to specific suppliers to which we do not have access will not be included.


The above and following terms and conditions apply to travel plans and tour-package pricing requested from and supplied by Travel Directions Pty. Ltd. trading as Kiwi Escapes and are subject to change without notice. These conditions are to be read in conjunction with our standard booking conditions.

The price-beat must be requested before you place a booking with any other tour or travel agent, online booking agent or tour operator direct in relation to the subject package.

A price-beat may be requested by providing information regarding the competitor quote and your requirements to an employee of the company who performs a reservations or travel consultant role ("company contact") as follows:

  1. Information regarding a tour or travel package must be provided to us in the form of a written quotation by the competitor travel agent or other supplier as applicable, or by supplying other written or photographic evidence containing full package details via email to the company contact.
  2. Your exact booking requirements including travel/booking dates, number and age of travellers and special requirements if any.

Your assigned travel agent will contact you to discuss and confirm the details then will submit a travel plan for approval.

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  • Border-proof Guarantee
  • Kiwi Escapes Border-proof Travel Guarantee

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    If you're from Australia you can save up to 40% off other tour company prices, PLUS you get our unique guarantee.

    It's time to get excited about travelling again! Here's how we'll help you experience your new-found freedom and take advantage of lower airfares and our great value packages.

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    Travel with confidence

    The New Zealand border policy is changeable leading to hesitancy to travel. Hesitancy is partly caused by a misunderstanding about what happens if border status changes before or during a trip. The two main concerns are:

    1. What happens if you book a trip but then the border restrictions apply? You are covered.
    2. What happens if you are on a trip and your home state applies border restrictions? We answer this common misunderstanding below.

    Now you can enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that comes from going on a holiday right now and not be at all concerned about borders.

    Border-proof travel guarantee


    Guaranteed no cancellation or change fees. Travel today with genuine peace-of-mind.

    If an announcement of border restrictions occurs prior to trip commencement that affects travel to New Zealand, there will be no cancellation or change fees to rebook your trip to a later date when greater certainty returns.

    Our Australian and New Zealand "Border-proof travel guarantee" covers your trip up to the date of departure (subject to the notice period below).

    A minimum 48-hour notice period is necessary to meet supplier requirements. This period generally fits the notice period given by state governments when border closure events have occurred in the past. If an included flight, accommodation, car-hire or other booking is changed a higher fare/price might be payable for the new date, however we will always endeavour to match the original price. If you change your booking to a peak season travel date then significantly higher fares/prices might be payable. Peak periods include school holidays, public holidays, long weekends and event periods for the destination(s) in the tour or travel package and can also cover entire tourist seasons.

    "What happens if I am on a trip and border restrictions suddenly apply to my home state?"

    All states allow state residents to return home, so there is no need for concern. We encourage travellers to complete their holiday because to date there has been no reason for anyone to return home sooner.

    If unusual restrictions do apply while you are travelling you can contact us or we'll contact you after assessing the situation. If you must cut your holiday short (not required to date), we will change your flights to return home as early as possible. A higher fare might be payable at the time of changing your flight.

    We will cancel remaining accommodation, activities, and car hire if applicable. Our preferred suppliers offer refunds or credits where border restrictions are in place.

    Don't hesitate any longer!

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    New Zealand travel will explode towards the end of 2021 and it is a good idea to book now rather than wait. Take advantage of this guarantee and book now to get the lowest possible price for your holiday.